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About Us

The Happy Yams Story
Our Story started when we brought home our puppy, Nash, in March of 2019. We were looking for a healthy alternative to typical dog treats to train him with and wanted something that we would feel good about giving him.
We tried lots of different types of treats. Nash always went crazy for different types of vegetables, so we tried out dehydrated sweet potatoes, and he LOVED them.
Sweet potatoes are full of healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber, and are excellent options for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Humans love them, so why wouldn't dogs? 
Nash's love for dehydrated sweet potatoes lead us to making Happy Yams. Happy Yams are all natural, handcut, dehydrated single ingredient dog treats. You can't get any healthier than that. Happy Yams have been taste tested by our own dogs as well as countless other four legged friends for the past two years.
We are excited to share Happy Yams Sweet Potato Dog Treats with you and hope your dogs (and other furry friends) love Happy Yams as much as Nash does.
Made fresh, packed, and shipped right from our own home...a true small business. Give them a try and let us know what you think. 
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